Hello and thank you for visiting Ruby Doobie online!

Ruby Doobie – Exquisite Cannabis Edibles began in 2009, as a labor of love cooked up in my home kitchen. My mission has always been to help normalize cannabis usage and I strive to do this in a few ways:  by using my voice to speak about my own experiences; getting involved at a local level to build community and activism; and baking quality, delicious and consistent cannabis-infused treats for my fellow cannabis patients and users.

Being a part of the Los Angeles cannabis industry for all these years has been quite the ride, and the twists and turns it’s taken have gifted me with amazing experiences, a beautiful community of friends and invaluable life lessons.

Sadly, one lesson has become abundantly clear:  There is no place for Ruby Doobie Edibles, or other home-based, small operators like me, to exist within the Los Angeles cannabis industry under current regulations. What I have witnessed over and over again, is a community of activists that fought long and hard for this plant (growers, manufacturers, everyone) now being pushed out of the game by corporate players and venture capitalists who seem to be the only ones who can still afford to play. But I digress.

Ruby Doobie lives on! I continue to bake yummy cannabis-infused treats for myself, my family and friends. My husband Carl has become quite the experienced home-grower, providing me with a steady supply of trim and flower for baking and experimentation – I’ll tell you more about my magical infused topicals and lubes another time.

For now, I want to let you in on a little (not so secret) secret:  I never wanted to corner the edibles market, or get rich or famous in the cannabis industry. What I want is something completely different. What I want is to live more simply, self-sufficiently, consciously; and, for me, cannabis is an important tool in attaining that life. Growing our own food and medicine; sharing our bounty with friends; creating more and consuming less; fostering an inclusive, supportive, cooperative, creative and sustainable environment for my family, community and planet – THIS is what I want.

I will keep making cannabis infused products for myself and my loved ones. And, who knows, maybe someday Los Angeles will relax its regulations a little bit and embrace (rather than disable) the mom and pop operators that helped grow this industry.

Until then, I’ll keep exploring ways to live and promote a simpler, more self-sufficient and creative lifestyle. Current manifestations of my intention include: experimenting with more products, cannabis-infused or otherwise, that I can make at home; creating art, home goods (like baskets and rugs) and clothing using fabric remnants and upcycled or recycled materials; and promoting cannabis, not as a resource to be commoditized and exploited, but as a gift of nature to be respected and shared.

If any of this resonates with you, I hope you’ll reach out and let me know.