Talking Weed with Dave Rubin

Back in April, I was invited to sit down with Dave Rubin on The Rubin Report to talk about cannabis. We chatted for an hour and covered a lot of my favorite topics – urban gardening, sustainability, living simply and, of course, WEED.

I was pretty nervous when I arrived – it was my first time on a talk show, after all. But Dave is super cool and he and his crew made me feel very comfortable right away. It was a great experience.


CED Talks – Speaking on the Soul of the Industry

It was my great honor to be invited to speak at the October 24th CED Talks in Los Angeles – an intimate, monthly gathering of cannabis entrepreneurs interested in sharing ideas and building community, hosted by Elevation VIP Collective. The theme for the event was The Soul of the Industry. Specifically, I was asked to consider how my passion fuels my business/product and thus lends soul to the cannabis industry. I took this opportunity to talk about how my search for a simpler life led me to cannabis baking and Ruby Doobie Edibles.